We are a COMMUNITY of trainers, clients, family, and friends all mutually dedicated to the improvement of ourselves, the improvement of others, and the improvement of the local community through health and fitness.

CrossFit Viral is a strength and conditioning facility that embraces the CrossFit philosophy.  We offer daily classes, seminars, sport specific training, personal training, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.  We teach a 360 degree approach to health & fitness, encompassing diet, training, and lifestyle. We are not your "20 minute get ripped quick program," and it's best to check your ego at the door. Every time you walk through the door you will be challenged, you will be coached, you will be educated, and you will be motivated.  

Our facility is spacious, but not in the way of your typical big-box gyms. We don't have ellipticals or weight machines. We use your body and real weights to create free, natural movement. We only have machines that mimic functional movement, and none of those that don't contribute to overall health and a lean, conditioned body. We welcome you to take a look around our box and our equipment - you won't see full length mirrors but you'll see results in your own mirror and in the fit of your clothes when you make the move to functional fitness. The best way to learn about CrossFit is to come experience it.  Trust us...You won't be disappointed.


Guide to Success with CrossFit Viral:
Show Up
There is no substitute for hard work! FREQUENCY and CONSISTENCY are important for training to work.
Be Uncomfortable
Intensity is the key! Sweat, puff, strain, dig deep, etc... You get out of it what you put into it.
Diet is 50%
3 quality meals of meats, vegetables, nuts/seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.
Be Social
Connect with the community! Find friends. Learn names.
Own Your Score
When we compete with others, we get BITTER. When we compete with ourselves, we get BETTER. Your WOD score is meant to measure your progress. It is not an indication of how good a parent/spouse/worker/person you are. It is JUST A NUMBER!
Technique Matters
You need to be good at the movements to get an excellent workout. POSITION IS PARAMOUNT. Always.
Know Why You Are Here
COMPETITIVE CrossFit and Crossfit for HEALTH/FITNESS are two very different animals. Train accordingly.
Your goals must match your behavior otherwise you are in denial. You are in TOTAL CONTROL of your behavior.
To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is to be forgotten!

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