Crossfit is defined as “Constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity.” While that seems like a simple definition what does that actually mean?


Constantly varied doesn’t mean random. While our workouts may appear random to the uninitiated, there is a method to the madness. We follow an undulating pattern of time and modal domains. Our programming rotates through weightlifting (external resistance), gymnastic movements (bodyweight) and mono-structural modalities (running, rowing, jumping rope, etc...). Sometimes we focus on one of those elements in singularity and sometimes we combine those elements into couplets or triplets. We also rotate the demand of those movements from single rep max effort workouts, through multiple rounds of multiple repetitions for longer duration workouts, thereby stressing the body's various energy pathways.

Functional movements are those which mimic our movement in nature. When we run, lift an object or scale an apparatus, we don’t move any single muscle in isolation but rather move a series of muscles to perform the given task. In CrossFit we train movement patterns to recruit multiple muscle groups. These multi-joint movements provide a better, more translatable workout that can be applied to nearly every athletic/life movement.

High intensity is relative to the athlete. What is easy for you may be difficult for me and vice versa. At CrossFit Viral, we ask you to give 100% of what you have on that given day during that given workout. As long as you are safely pushing as hard as you can in a workout, the intensity is correct and results will follow.

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