Intimidated? It's ok. You are not alone.

So you want to make a change. Maybe your current workout just isn't doing it for you anymore. Maybe this is your first step to getting fit. Or, lets be honest, maybe you are getting dragged in here by a friend who won't stop talking about how great it is!

Either way, you have heard about CrossFit and are intrigued...but you might also be a little bit intimidated. After all, have you seen the crazy stuff these guys do at "The Games" on ESPN?! Don't panic. We are all at different points on the same journey, and that is ok! You will find that the community at CrossFit Viral embraces every aspect of that very broad spectrum. Our coaches comprise a wealth of education, certifications and experience, and will help you learn what you are capable of.

Don't take that to mean that this will be easy. Nothing of real value in life ever is. It is hard work. You will be sore. That's ok too. Because you are about to learn something about yourself. You are about to make new friends. You are about to become the very best version of yourself! Welcome to CrossFit Viral.

Remember that "not alone" piece? Click on the below images to read some of our members' experiences. These are normal people just like you, who have tackled their life obstacles head-on to become proud members of CrossFit Viral.

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