At CrossFit Viral we know that fitness is a cornerstone of living a wellness lifestyle; it is one of the most important things a person can do to ensure life long physical, emotional, and social well being.

We also understand that being physically fit is not the only component of wellness. With that in mind we have teamed up with our friend Dr. Nate Lauenstein at Functional Performance Chiropractic and Wellness (he is also a coach here at Viral). Combining the knowledge gained from completing an accredited certified wellness practitioner program and the perspective gained from being a CrossFit coach, he has created a series of wellness workshops that teach our members how to eat, move, and think well. These workshops focus on the most recent scientific evidence available to support living a healthy lifestyle and with them we try to cut through the often inconsistent and confusing information regarding health in the media.

In addition to these wellness workshops, we also provide our members with task specific workshops in order to assist them in improving their movement patterns, technique and proficiency. We all want to perform well and we understand that great performance comes from great fundamentals. If you visit our coaches tab you will see that our coaches have pursued knowledge and certification in many different aspects of training in addition to their CrossFit L1, including: USAW, kettle bell training, gymnastics, endurance, etc. We design quarterly workshops to enhance member knowledge and practice fundamentals, which makes our athletes more proficient in their daily training. These workshops come at NO ADDITIONAL COST to our Unlimited members.

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